about us

stuff about us

We are a writing duo that have been working together for fifteen years. We originally met while working for the Jim Henson Company and started to collaborate soon after. We enjoy working as part of a team and making the creative process as fun as possible. Even with so many episodes under our belts, we still love the satisfaction of finishing each day having created something that didn't exist before.

stuff we think

We believe in constant development.  Even though we have headwritten many major TV shows - we are still striving to get better. So we’re always learning, thinking about storytelling and developing new tools and methods. You can never learn enough about writing or stop improving as a writer.

As writers we always try to think like kids. We don't believe in just being aware of what kids like or trying to provide what we as adults think children like. Unless you put yourself fully into a child's frame of mind, you'll never be truly entertaining.

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